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Army and Marines face relentless onslaughts from North Vietnamese. March 16, Over the course of four hours, American soldiers kill more than unarmed civilians in and around the hamlet of My Lai.

May 4, Four days after Nixon announced the expansion of the war into Cambodia, four students at Kent State are shot by National Guardsmen during a protest. March 30 — Oct. POWs begin to return home. The effect of fear on the fighting man on the battlefield was no different in in South Vietnam than it was more than 2, years earlier, when the Athenians fought to defend their beloved city.

In preparing his Marines and sailors for battle in the Peloponnesian War of B. Fear makes men forget, and skill which cannot fight is useless. The South Vietnamese Armed Forces in the spring of were rendered useless as a fighting force.

Vietnam War Marine Corps Official History Volumes

No level of training or skill, no program of Vietnamization, no amount of money could have reversed the rampant spread of fear that engulfed all of South Vietnam in March and April of Incredible acts of courage temporarily checked the nation's slide into oblivion, at places like Xuan Loc and Bien Hoa, but fear ruled the day. Its only antidote, courageous leadership at the highest levels, rapidly disappeared as the NVA war machine gained momentum. As one senior leader after another opted to use his helicopter to evacuate rather than to direct and control the defensive battle, strategic retreats turned into routs and armies turned into mobs of armed deserters.

Amidst all this chaos, the U. Marine Corps aided its country in the final chapter of the Vietnam War, the evacuation of American citizens, third-country nationals, and as many South Vietnamese as conditions permitted. To describe those events accurately, the authors used, for the most part, original sources, including interviews of many of the participants.

A debt of gratitude is owed to many people for the compilation and collation of that material. In particular, we thank the other Services and their respective historical agencies for their contributions, with a special note of appreciation due to Dr. Wayne W. Thompson and Mr. Bernard C. Edward J. Marolda of the Naval Historical Center. A large portion of the available source material was provided by the staff of the Marine Corps Historical Center and for that contribution we are very appreciative.

Englander, and archivist, Mrs. Joyce Bonnett, and their staffs; the Reference Section Mr. Danny J. Craw-ford and staff ; the Oral History Section Mr. Benis M. Frank and Mrs. Meredith P. Robert E. Struder, Mrs. Catherine A. Kerns, Mr. Stephen Hill, and Corporal Andre L. Paperback, Pages. United States. Marine Corps.

U.S. Marines in the Vietnam War: The War That Would Not End 1971-1973

History and Museums Division. A separate functional series complements the operational histories. This volume details the activities of Marine Corps units after the departure from Vietnam in of III Marine Amphibious Force, through to the ceasefire, and includes the return of Marine prisoners of war from North Vietnam. Written from diverse views and sources, the common thread in this narrative is the continued resistance of the South Vietnamese Armed Forces, in particular the Vietnamese Marine Corps, to Communist aggression. This book is written from the perspective of the American Marines who assisted them in their efforts.


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