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Massimiliano Materazzi and Richard Taylor discuss the promise of a bio-substitute for natural gas.

Japan has identified hydrogen as the answer to the energy problem, both for transportation and in THE cheap, abundant and seemingly limitless energy supply of the 20th Century driven by fossil fu Imagine if heat exchange of process fluids in an industrial setting was as simple as boiling a ju Increasing chemical engineering contributions to sustainable policy development: an Australian Sellafield Ltd is seeking game-changing solutions from chemical and process engineers to address Hydrogen: a way to provide safe, sustainable and clean energy to satisfy rising demand and meet Energy company SolarReserve has announced that it has received developmental approval for its The BioFutures Programme will address the opportunities and challenges faced by the chemical engi No amount of evidence Why energy efficiency is a much smarter way of reducing carbon and other harmful air emissions th Carbon capture and storage costs money, so why bother?

Transformational technologies in oil and gas.

Could we learn future direction from past innovations? The t OIL and gas company Santos and diversified company Perdaman have signed a heads of agreement to f BP and agricultural trader Bunge have announced a joint venture to produce biofuels and bioenergy The fund is th The challenge se It is This is The Wall Street Journal reports that this investme SHELL has given in to pressure from investors to commit to specific goals in limiting climate cha DRAX, the energy company, has started commissioning of its innovative bioenergy with carbon captu CBC News r Now, with the global thr ONE worker has been killed and another seriously injured after a pipe supplying pressurised steam SHELL has said it will reduce methane leaks by installing new equipment at its operations, as the NESTE, a producer of renewable diesel, is developing ways to turn liquified plastic waste into a A NEW technique for manufacturing perovskite solar cells improves their efficiency and solves pre The first solar-powered desalination plant in South Africa will convert sea water into fresh water.

NASA has demonstrated that its prototype nuclear fission reactor can operate safely and produce t A FUEL cell has been developed that can store and transport hydrogen using formic acid so that th AS we peel the foil off our Easter eggs this Sunday, chemical engineers are urging us to consider BP has released its annual Energy Outlook report, which suggests a significant increase in the us SHALE gas is one of the least sustainable options for producing electricity, according to a new s A NEW model in the production of biofuels and chemicals by metabolic engineering could be enabled THE engineering profession will need to adapt to an ever-changing world in the coming years, and INEOS will move into deep water oil and gas exploration, after agreeing to buy a majority stake i THE half-life of nuclear fission products could be reduced from hundreds of thousands of years to A NEW proposal from the Australian government seeks to remove renewable energy subsidies and prom ONE day, fuel stations could become little more than a wall coated with a special catalytic paint Catch up on the latest news, views and jobs from The Chemical Engineer.

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It includes background information about the principle of the unit operations used in uranium ore processing and summarizes the current state of the art. The publication also seeks to preserve the technology and the operating 'know-how' developed over the past ten years. A complete list of these reports is included as an addendum.

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