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Perhaps that refugee status is a relic of the Cold War, much like the U. But there once was justification for that status.

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So there I was, looking at the place where my father was blessed by a priest and welcomed into the Catholic church. Why was this a good place to turn to trace my father's heritage? Catholics keep records of baptisms.

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As soon as I walked inside the church I met Yolanda. Small towns are small towns, even in Cuba.

She knew my family. And within minutes, she pulled a large leather bound book from the shelf and found the record of my father's baptism. Yolanda had another surprise for me. She led me to her house around the corner from the church.

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There I met Yolanda's husband. Yes, he knew my family. What's more? He was perfectly happy to walk me over to their house -- My dad's home. I met cousins who didn't know I existed. The last time they saw my dad, Abilito, as they called him, was in He had left a boy. And here I was, his son, a man. Seconds later out came the scrapbooks. Pictures of Cuba in the 's. Images of their lives from over the decades that followed. There was one photo that made me take a step back. It was a snap shot of my grandfather. My dad's dad, Abilio.

He never left Cuba. He stayed.

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That was part of the heartache that my father felt when he fled Cuba for the U. And he wasn't alone.

Bob Woodruff: A Reporter's Journey

As part of the massive migration of Cubans to the U. There was no other way. His father would no longer be a permanent part of his life. He had freedom, yes.

The Story: A Reporters Journey

But only half of his family. All of those feelings are swirling in my head as I'm taking in my long lost cousins' stories. Then reality returns. My guide, Ernesto, reminds me we have to get going. I had a plane to catch. Time to go home. So we hugged. There was only a brief mention of politics. One of my cousins, who looked exactly like my grandfather, said an end to the U.

It was time, he said, for the U. As I was about to climb into that beat up old Volkswagon, Ernesto stopped me. He told me to give them all the money I had in my wallet.

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Which I did. Fifty bucks. That was all I had left from the trip. I felt awful. I wanted to give more. Ernesto said not to worry. That's probably the most money they had seen in months. When I returned to the U. He saw the pictures of his old home, his old town, and the cousins he played with as a boy.

They were all old men now.

Decades had flown by. Of course he cried. I cried. Who wouldn't? As I land in Cuba, I am eager to cover Obama's trip to this island. It's history to be sure. When I traveled to Cuba in and saw those family reunions just outside the airport in Havana, little did I know that I would have one of my own. She reported on terrorism and the rise of fanatical Islam in the Middle East and on secret biological weapons plants and programs in Iraq, Iran, and Russia.

Miller shared a Pulitzer for her reporting. She describes covering terrorism in Lebanon, being embedded in Iraq, and going inside Russia's secret laboratories where scientists concocted designer germs and killer diseases and watched the failed search for WMDs in Iraq. The Story vividly describes the real life of a foreign and investigative reporter. It is an account filled with adventure, told with bluntness and wryness.

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