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The absence of the 29th would leave a pivotal forgeworld with minimal defenses, and thus render it vulnerable to a raid from an allied contingent of the 54th Grand Battalion of Iron Warriors. Only a small window of time was available to disrupt Santioch and cause the events necessary for the arrival of the 54th Grand Battalion.

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To those trained in the arts of the Hydra, though, this operation would prove simple. As they had with all past operations, every idea generated by a council member was presented, evaluated, and ranked by perceived effectiveness. Only unanimous agreement on tactics allowed action. The primary, secondary, and tertiary plans were all failures by Legion standards. Any attempt at nurturing the development of Chaos cults in the rural areas of Santioch met resistance.

The few successful attempts saw the cultists quickly degraded by rampant mutations.

Each political scheme seemed to be anticipated by the local politicians, and every deception begun was unraveled in days, even hours. Exceedingly frustrated, the council of squad leaders repeatedly met to craft newer and more novel approaches to upheaving the planet, gradually employing more frequent use of unorthodox tactics. These, too, were failures. Sabotage from within the warband was feared, but all investigations found zero evidence to support these fears. Interference from a third party returned even less evidence. Time was running out, and every member of the warband was growing desperate.

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In her tenure as the leader of her Order, she had come to learn that a much stronger entity had plans for Santioch. Though rightfully untrusting of the cultist and her proxied ultimatum, Argas was still curious. Naturally his brothers quickly spoke up in protest, but they were soon calmed. Argas made it very clear he had no intention of serving a daemon; he only wished to have all of the information. It is only when all information is revealed and accounted for that a rational decision can be made, he noted.

She reiterated that refusing the offer of her patron would see the warband effectively destroyed, as not one of their members would ever see even the simplest of plans meet with success. Acceptance, however, would bring reward.

Nothing pleased it more than to see and elaborate scheme unfold, and no agents of humanity could craft and execute an operation as flawless and convoluted as the Alpha Legion. It had picked them above all others. As servants of the Covetous Serpent, success would rain upon the warband.

Sheep, Wolves, Serpents, and Doves

Rather than its curse, the faction would instead gain its blessing. But these interactions would never be a hindrance again. Rewards and gifts awaited the individuals with the minds to craft plans overflowing with creativity, ingenuity, and complexity. The greater the mind and plan, the greater the gifts. Murmurs within the crowd rose, but their content of discussion was mixed. Yes, many scorned the idea of swearing themselves to a daemon. No good could come of it.

Watch: Wormwitch – ‘Disciple of the Serpent Star’

But for every Legionnaire that rebuked the offer, another one considered the proposal objectively, analyzing it with a longer view. Argas Piln was the loudest amongst this crowd. He agreed, yes, that daemonic forces could never be trusted, but illustrated that refuting this entity would see them in ruin, as abject failures to their Legion. And though slavery held a bitter taste in their mouths, failure was far worse.

Time had run out on both the offer and the campaign on Santioch. A discussion began, and then a debate, with more and more individuals joining the ranks of Argas Piln and those who would swear themselves to the Covetous Serpent. Slowly the warriors in cerulean armour began to kneel, one by one, until every last man bowed his head in submission before the frail woman in tattered green robes.

The choice was made. Tendrils of that light serpentined out in every direction, striking the Legionnaires and binding them all to the Covetous Serpent. Two days later, the world of Santioch was consumed in civil war, rebellion, anarchy, and chaos. All new estimates placed the arrival of the Bybolos 29th Regiment two weeks ahead of initial timetables. Satisfied, the Disciples of the Covetous Serpent finished preparations and slipped into the Immaterium.

Betrayal at Targidae. The modest fleet of the Disciples translated out of the Warp three days before the Iron Warriors 54th Grand Battalion had promised to arrive. The disruption of Santioch saw this area of the subsector nearly devoid of any Astra Militarum presence. The forgeworld of Targidae had only its own planetary defenses and a contingent of Skitarii forces to protect it. All initial reconnaissance determined that the planet produced no materials of particular interest and was little more than a resupply station for the subsector.

Wormwitch - Disciple of the Serpent Star

Why the Iron Warriors were adamant about raiding this world was unknown to the Disciples, but it mattered not. As this was an operation of the Iron Warriors the plans were very simple and brutish, if effective: lay siege to all defenses, claim territory, and strip the planet of all resources before withdrawing. It was not elegant, but it would get the job done. The 54th Grand Battalion had made it very clear and explicit in their initial agreement with the Alpha Legion that no further complications or aggrandizement were necessary.

Not at all surprising for a being that exists beyond and outside the scope of time, the daemon knew of the plans laid out by the Traitor Marines. And the daemon, like its new disciples, was bored with the simplicity the Iron Warriors demanded. In the eyes of the Serpent, this campaign would serve as a proper first trial to all the individuals who now served its ways.

Targidae would be the first of many contests to come. The female prophet of the daemon outlined its wishes to the again-assembled marines: the alliance must be broken in secrecy and the Iron Warriors must not be allowed to succeed. They are allowed to make no successful gains on territory nor leave with any resources. The fate of the planet was inconsequential - Targidae can remain in the hands of the Imperium or be reduced to a lifeless rock of rad-wastes.

This development did not sit well with the former Legionnaires. Not initially, at least. Those who were first hesitant to join the daemon were the ones with the strongest reservations. Betray their own allies, all in the name of this game? Could the spoils truly be worth it? In the eyes of the more ambitious Disciples, betrayal was well worth the opportunity.

Even when serving the Primarch, the only true loyalty a Legionnaire had was to the Hydra and nothing more. With even that loyalty now shed, betraying a band of Iron Warriors held no meaning. A new version of Last. Do you know a YouTube video for this track? Add a video. Do you know any background info about this track? Start the wiki. View all albums by this artist.

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