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Download flyer Recommend to Library. Editors Lynda Lee Kaid and Christina Holtz-Bacha, along with an international group of contributors, examine the differences as well as the similarities of political advertising in established and evolving democratic governments.

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Key Features: Offers an international perspective : This Handbook examines the political television advertising process that has evolved in democracies around the world, including countries in Asia, Europe, Australia, Africa, Latin America, and North America. In addition, a comparative overview addresses the effects of political advertising on the voters and the systems of which it is a part.

Provides comprehensive coverage : For each country presented, an analysis is given of its political advertising history, its cultural implications, the political and regulatory systems related to political advertising, the effects of media system structures, and the effects of new technologies. Includes examples from recent elections : The role specific candidate- or party-controlled television plays in a specific region's electoral process is examined.

Original research on recent elections confirms the expanding significance of this form of political communication. University of Colorado at Boulder.

Political advertising in the United Kingdom

Key features. Examines the evolution and effects of political advertising within many democracies Offers comprehensive coverage on political, media, and cultural implications of political advertising in countries throughout the world, including the United States, Europe, Russia, Africa, Asia, and Latin America Includes examples from the European Parliamentary elections and the US presidential election.

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Download flyer Recommend to Library. William Outhwaite and Stephen Turner.

The SAGE Handbook of Political Advertising

Chapter 1: Classical approaches: Origins and development of the theory of politics. Professor Kate Nash.

Department of Sociology, Goldsmiths. Dr Bruce MZ Cohen.

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