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This book explains how to use the 74 series TTL logic gates, counters, display drivers and so on. Operational amplifiers are very versatile devices and this book thoroughly explains their operation and use, with many circuit designs for the more experienced constructor. Technical information on many popular integrated circuits ICs , including the 74 series and series logic ICs.

The book concentrates on the ICs themselves rather than the circuits in which they can be used. Practical Books Learn by building projects on breadboard, no soldering is required. An introduction to electronics by building transistor circuits on S-Dec, a breadboard system which does not require soldering. Learn about electronics by building integrated circuit 'chip' projects on standard breadboard no soldering required. This is more advanced than Adventures with Electronics above. Learn about digital electronics by building projects such as traffic lights and a binary 4-bit adder using series ICs on standard breadboard no soldering required.

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You can even connect 3 adaptors in series to get a total voltage of 25v. This is one way to use low-output-voltage adaptors to power the CDU project on your model railway. Some adaptors are only 3v to 4v to 5v and they can all be combined. This involves connecting the negative output of one to the negative of the other and the two positives together. Ideally, the output voltage of each adaptor should be the same as this will equalise the load-sharing. But many adaptors have a high output voltage that drops as the load is applied.

For instance a 12v mA adaptor can be as high as 17v on no-load and this voltage will drop to 12v when mA is flowing. The other adaptor may be 14v on no-load and 12v when mA is flowing. Otherwise the output voltage will be 17v on no-load and gradually drop to 12v as the current flowing to the load increases to 1 amp. The two adapter share when the output voltage is exactly the same.

This will never be the case but no damage will be done as each adapter has a diode on the output that prevents one adapter passing any current to the other. This is a good way to use up a box of old adapters. Here is a typical 18v power supply for a model railway. This is the ideal supply, but it is expensive and our aim is to show how to produce the same output voltage by using much cheaper items Plug Packs etc. The only way to check this is to connect them together at one end and flick the other two leads to make them spark.

If they produce a large spark, you need to change the leads from one adapter. If you flick the leads and a small spark is created, they do not match perfectly and one or both will get hotter than normal as current will flow through the secondary windings.

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It is very difficult to make any other tests without using a multimeter. This means the output of each adapter is rising and falling at the same time and with the same amplitude. You can connect any TWO or THREE together and the output voltage will be the sum of all the voltages and the current will be determined by the lowest current of the 3 adapters.

If you do not have any old Plug Packs, you can buy new ones on eBay for a few dollars. You can buy 1Amp or 2Amp Plug Packs. Total of 4 Plug Packs.

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Here are some examples:. If the CDU module has an on-board regulator, the 30v supply is the best as it will charge the electros to a maximum of 27v. For all the other CDU modules, you should use two 12v adaptors in series and the electros will charge to about 23v. It was easily opened-up via a screw and clip, to reveal the PC board shown below. The output voltage is determined by the zener diode at the front of the board.