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Maybe the only thing 'correct' is the final dragon: 50' long in the book is tooo much a challenge fot a character who have just defeated some goblins hours ago. PS I liked very much this blog of yours.

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A good initiative! Go on! The d20 adaptions, especially the Sorcery!

Complete disrespect for existing FF sources and settings. The names in the Sorcery! Rant over! Tuesday, July 8, Myriador's Multiple Mistakes. These adaptions contradict the previously established lore numerous times.

Under the guidance of 'FF Consultant' Dave Holt, the D20 adventures frequently ignore or change existing setting material in favour of making everything a bland and uninspired standard fantasy setting. Here for your enjoyment or not are a list of some of these changes The Warlock of Firetop Mountain The D20 series incorrectly claims that Gilford a new village created for the adventure is the starting town for the heroes.

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Warlock Magazine has previously established that this village was Anvil. Deathtrap Dungeon The settlement of Fang has been transformed from a sleepy river port into a bustling walled metropolis with a standing army and navy.

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The army of Fang contains an elite unit of Elven archers, despite Elves on Titan being portrayed as an insular, secretive folk that seldom leave the borders of their homelands. Fiction Non Fiction 3.

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