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Get a free audiobook. More Twisted Collected Stories, Vol. Written by: Jeffery Deaver. Length: 5 hrs and 42 mins. Publisher's Summary Diverse, provocative, eerie, and twisted, this collection of Jeffery Deaver's best crime stories exhibits amazing range and the signature plot twists that have made him a perennial best seller. With nods to O. Henry and Edgar Allen Poe, these beautifully crafted pieces are suspenseful spoonfuls of Deaver at his best. Listeners will be surprised by the subtlety of some of these stories and, as always, by the plot suprises.

And yet these stories remain largely overlooked. Writing for adults is not what we think about when we think about Dahl—it does not fit our caricature of him. His adult writing roughs out the smoothness of his edges. Even Anderson dispenses with it in little more than a paragraph.

If the American wins, he gets a Cadillac; if not, he agrees to have his left pinkie removed. For him, the act of storytelling, at its heart, is a collaborative game. Twisted by lucy v hay is a horror read. Reading it is like attending a late night secret banquet where you know each course will serve up something unexpected, forbidden and unforgettably chilling. Take your private seat now for 50 luscious courses of terror, from 50 of the strongest voices in modern horror. This was a really good read with good characters.

Some stories were more enjoyable than others.

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Witches was my favourite story. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced copy of this book from netgalley. Brilliant, creative and dark, Twisted 50 makes for chilling reading. I often find it hard to make time for reading during the day but the short length of these stories makes them perfect for bedtime. The collection is refreshingly original and showcases a huge selection of fiction writers.

From the quirky and supernatural to the sinister and disturbing, the stories are diverse and challenge more traditional approaches to horror writing. I was hooked throughout and I hope there will be more from this group.

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Delightfully warped horror shorts By Rebecca Gransden on 2 January A strong collection of contemporary horror shorts. Some very mischievous contributions, most entertaining on the warped side. Fun and imaginative, the stories are varied and whatever your taste when it comes to horror there will be something included for you to enjoy.

Brief, sharp tales delivered with a bloody wink. Five Stars By jpr39 on 6 December Excellent book, I am really enjoying reading it. Great bunch of sick stories By Amazon Customer on 23 November Great bunch of sick stories. Particularly like Shenanigans by Christopher Jeal. It's like the the film "Nerve" if it had been done well. Short, not so sweet, and straight to the point - quite literally in some cases. Fair enough, I didn't like all of them, but the ones that shine are dazzling. A brilliant collection and hopefully there's a Volume Two soon - I'm ready for it! What is great about this book is each story is a perfectly formed individual nugget of horror, just long enough to terrify you on your commute to work and make you look over your shoulder all the way to the office.

Fantastically disturbing bite-sized stories!

By Amazon Customer on 31 October Highly recommend this book if you love all types of horror - from the out-and-out terrifying to the psychologically unsettling. Tales of the unexpected meets Black mirror By miss on 29 October I'm a bit of a black mirror addict, and loved tales of the unexpected. So this was right up my street. I enjoyed if that's possible for a horror all the stories, though some stuck with me more than others.

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But either way, there was always something new when I finished a chapter; a sadistic interviewer, a maggot with intent on world dominatin, an app that makes you do bad things, a psychotic cyclist try saying that 5 times fast. I was never bored and always slightly scared to turn the page. Perfect for short reads or an indulgent longer escapade By architectben on 28 October Perfect for short reads or an indulgent longer escapade. Such a bargain for such quality horror! By Kim L. Wheeler on 28 October If you remember gathering with you mates in that dingy corner behind the back of the bike sheds at school to read the old horror anthologies and then being kept awake at night as you recalled the vivid images of melting eyeballs etc, and you loved it, then this is the book for you!

Warped, disturbing and memorable, the fifty beautifully crafted horror stories written by fifty brilliant new authors are guaranteed to have you checking underneath the mattress before you turn out the light. Such a bargain for such quality. Congratulations to all concerned And watch out for the next 'sister' book too, coming soon! Horror fiction at its best By Pamela Scott on 28 October I thought Twisted was great.

I love stories that unsettle me and make my flesh crawl. I hate stories that use gore simply for shock value. Thankfully, no stories in Twisted fall into the latter category. By Alex Thompson.

This story is a bit gory and so unsettling it made my flesh crawl. Twisted is a fantastic collection of horror stories and a must for any fan of horror fiction. This is a fun idea with some great writing from exceptionally talented writers. Well timed stories for Halloween; they're imaginative and, yes, pretty twisted. I'm a writer, although not in the horror genre, but I love reading stories that scare the crap out of me.

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These do the trick. I hope there's another collection coming next year. By JoanHarris on 27 October Great stuff: short, sweet and many with a sting in the tail. Perfect timing for release with Halloween just around the corner Shenanigans and The Cyclist are definitely favorites so far, but all stories have something uniquely twisted to offer Great book! One of my top favourites in the book, Shenanigans!! Who Dares Reads!

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By Mr G Bagwell on 26 October It's only right I declare I have an interest in this book as one of the stories included is mine. And I'm proud to be in the company of such writing talent. I've read this book twice now and it still gives me the creeps. Read it then sleep with a light on! This is a fantastic book of shorts By EmmaEmma on 26 October Sick and twisted is right! I challenge anyone to read it late at night, alone, with the lights out!

This anthology has fifty short horror stories written by fifty weirdos who have no connection to each other, apart from their mental state. The stories are around seven pages long or less, and vary in their degree of sick-and-twistedness on a scale from nausea to projectile vomiting. By Daniel John on 26 October A great collection and a must for any fan of the horror genre.

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By Kim on 25 October Perfect for Halloween! So much to choose from, so much intelligent writing. All of it is award-winning.

Twisted: the collected stories of Jeffery Deaver

Scary, clever, beautiful. Perfect for this time of year.