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For a man who once lived for the spotlight, Simpson has been keeping a largely low profile since his release from prison in October after serving nine years for a robbery-kidnapping conviction in Las Vegas. I served my time.

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  • Life is Fine.

After his release from the prison in Lovelock, Nevada, many expected him to return to Florida where he had lived for several years. But friends in Las Vegas persuaded him to stay there despite the case that landed him in prison. A month after his release an outing to a steakhouse and lounge at the Cosmopolitan resort off the Las Vegas Strip ended in a dispute.

Part 1: Attempts to Kill Himself

Simpson was ordered off the property and prohibited from returning. No such problems have occurred since, and Simpson is among the most sought-after figures in town for selfies with those who encounter him at restaurants or athletic events he attends occasionally.

But nearing his 72nd birthday, he is otherwise healthy. Simpson said he remains close to his children and other relatives.

Life Is Fine By Langston Hughes | Summary And Analysis • English Summary

His parole officer has given him permission to take short trips including to Florida where his two younger children, Justin and Sydney, have built careers in real estate. Life is fine.

He also visited relatives in Louisiana, he said, and spoke to a group of black judges and prosecutors in New Orleans. Recently, a family wedding brought his extended family to Las Vegas including his brother, Truman; sister, Shirley; and their children and grandchildren. After his football career, Simpson became a commercial pitchman, actor and football commentator.

Life is Fine by Langston Hughes | Summary and Analysis

He was once a multimillionaire but he says most of his fortune was spent defending himself after he was charged with the murders. He was acquitted by a jury in and has continued to declare his innocence. The murder case is officially listed as unsolved. Simpson said he remains close to his children and other relatives and his parole officer has given him permission to take short trips, including to Florida, where his two younger children, Justin and Sydney, have built careers in real estate.

Life is fine. Once a multimillionaire, he says most of his fortune was spent defending himself from the murder charges. Get in touch with our news team by emailing us at webnews metro. A sequential model with a quatrain, followed by a separate line, outwardly suggests that the author, experiencing some serious problems, seeks to preserve at least some form.

Lengst Hughes invites the reader with him for a walk, and this trip can prove very dangerous for the reader.

Dangerous road

After all, the author gets rid of his sufferings, passing them on to the reader. Most likely, it was not about a real desire to die.

Life is Fine

Rather, the author wants to show a person who is still a child, and would like to magically solve a difficult situation, without applying his own efforts to that. Moreover, the presence of references to baby and love failure in the poem are a kind of appeal to the baby in the context of the poem it is unclear whether it is a child or a love partner appear in the momentary experiences of the hero and save him of these experiences. And in this context it does not at all seem strange that the hero seems to justify himself in the incompleteness of his attempts to kill himself.

Because he does not plan anything like that. He communicates with himself and an imaginary baby that way. It is unlikely that he realizes that he is trying to manipulate another person, but this is quite an obvious attempt to cause self-pity.

Langston Hughes: Poems Summary and Analysis of "Life is Fine"

Perhaps, it is this pity that drives him first to the bank of the river, and later — to the roof. And this declaration sounds, despite the exclamation marks, dual. On the one hand, the immediate meaning of these words testifies to the recognition of the value of life by the hero.