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Series: Modern Language in Practice. Aims and Scope This book looks at the role of cultural studies and intercultural communication in language learning. It argues that learners who have the chance to stay in the target language country can be trained to do an ethnographic project. It combines a theoretical overview of language and cultural practices with a description of ethnographic approaches. Her main interest is in the practical relevance and application of sociolinguistics to real world problems.

He has a commitment to linking ethnographic-style research on the cultural dimension of language and literacy with contemporary practice in education and in development. Over the past 25 years he has undertaken anthropological field research and been consultant to projects in these fields in countries of both the North and South e.

Nepal, S. He has published 18 books and scholarly papers. User Account Log in Register Help.

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Ethnographers as language learners

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Language Learners as Ethnographers

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Language Learners as Ethnographers (Modern Language in Practice)

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We have subsequently chosen not to include this aspect in our discussion here.

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Shaeda Isani is full professor in applied linguistics at Grenoble-Alpes University, France where she teaches in the applied linguistics department and is head of the Languages for Special Purposes programme of the ILCEA research group. Her research focuses on ESP law and business studies with a particular interest for the specialised culture of professional communities. Some of her recent publications in this field include a chapter in Legal English Across Cultures , by M.