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One might object that perhaps because of the scriptural and how-to emphases of the book, that one might overlook more ultimate reasons for doing church in the home, such as union with Christ, intimate relationships with fellow-believers, and personal spiritual growth. Atkerson responds:. This book is thus about wineskins. What really matters, of course, is the wine itself, not the skin However, if a church genuinely does have new life in Christ, then a careful study of wineskins is critical to insure that the wine is enjoyed to its fullest.

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This book's critical attention to the ecclesiological wineskin of the New Testament church is what makes the book almost unique. Most house church books talk about relationships, and it's just Jesus, not the programs, and so on. This book provides the balance. This book talks about apostolic patterns, things which we as obedient Christians ought to imitate.

This idea is not popular, even among house church folks among whom it should be an article of faith. No other house church ministry that I know of emphasizes like this book does the normative, scriptural nature of the house church idea. As lonely as Steve Atkerson and his contributors may be in the modern world, he stands among giants when he calls for a return to normative New Testament patterns. He quotes an early Southern Baptist theologian J. Instead of choosing to walk in a way of our own devising, we should take pleasure to walk in the footsteps of those holy men from whom we have received the word of life.

Atkerson quotes Roger Williams, the founder of religious liberty in America and the founder of the state of Rhode Island, to the same effect. Only what God has set forth as our example in the beginning is the eternal Will of God. It is the Divine standard and our pattern for all time. God has revealed His Will, not only by giving orders, but by having certain things done in His church, so that in the ages to come others might simply look at the pattern and know His will.

The book is balanced and broadly appealing. Family life, and ministry apart from the church apostles and elders are given attention.

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Several have had extensive experience traveling overseas teaching what is in the book. In addition, the book carefully avoids modern theological controversies. Married since , Steve Atkerson and his wife Sandra have three children, one in high school, one in college and one married. A graduate of Georgia Tech, Steve worked for several years in electronics before enrolling in seminary.

While there he served on the part-time staff of a 14, member Baptist church. After receiving an M. Then in , after seven years in the traditional pastorate, he resigned to begin working with churches that desire to follow apostolic traditions in their church practice.

He thus has transitioned all the way from mega churches to micro churches! He travels and teaches about the practice of the early church as the Lord opens doors of opportunity. Or enter your phone number, customer service of fado Password must be at least 6 characters , is not allowed longer than 30 characters, including numbers and letters. Feedback News Request a quote. Customer support Customer consultant Shopping guide.

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No notes for slide. Strategic planning for churches 1. When we make Him the center of our planning, we free Him to give us His best. Prudent churches know where they are going. Planning helps them get there. People will see that we know where we are going and how to get there, that we know the costs as well as the consequences. Being diligent assumes planning, and those plans lead to plenty. The plan begins in the Word of God. Begin with the biblical foundation.

Strategic Planning Components four foundational elements 1. The identification of Core Values which defines the foundational values and resulting behaviors Corporate Culture that will be expected in the life and relationships of the new church.

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The clarification of the Field Context that includes the ministry focus group and the geographic area that the new church will target on reaching. Strategic Planning Components: Questions to ask? The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that The same truth applies to the person who seeks to plant a church without completing the foundational elements of a strategic plan.

Strategic planning is not something done in addition to regular tasks; it is a way of focusing work to accomplish the necessary tasks. The development objective gives focus or a general target for future changes needed to meet a need or challenge facing an organization. Development Objectives are general statements of intent for a lengthy period of time.

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They are usually never completely accomplished but provide direction for a number of years. Specific Objectives grow out of Development objectives and provide measurements or standards for evaluating progress toward the Development objective. If the church planter and his leaders take seriously this biblical purpose, they will sit down first and count the cost or consider how to build the tower the new church and how to attack the enemy Satan.

It should be prayerful in that the leaders should spend quality and quantity time with God so that He can reveal to them where He is already at work. Once that is revealed, a planning process can be put in place to assist the church in joining God on mission. League Eight Steps of StrategicPlanning In Matthew , Jesus stated that He will build his church. The question is how? Church franchising fails more often than it works. Take Note that God has not changed the Functions of the church; that will never change but the Forms of carrying out these functions change from generation to generation.

It follows a progressive pattern throughout generations. Forms of worship, fellowship, evangelism etc, may change but the Function of worship, fellowship, evangelism etc, WILL never change. This process emphasizes The leaders of churches and ministry are usually in touch with the day to day realities of church and the happenings in the lives of their members.