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They were, I believe, designed as an evil mirror of mankind, the squalid, murderous, treacherous, sprawling potential of humanity given realisation in all of its worst forms.

While this is obviously fun to read and write about, it also makes them tabletop fun as well. I would argue that, ultimately, Skaven are the most unique faction ever created by Games Workshop and, in that sense, the best. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Filter by post type All posts. Grid View List View. It's lead by the Seerlord leader of Grey Seers and he is on the Council of He's been "accused" of favoring his clan and somehow they have more Grey Seers than most, etc.

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I wouldn't get too twisted up by it. I know the Grey Seers are not a clan in the Eshin or Moulder sense, although they do have their own rune that unites them as one. It's just an easy and understandable way to quickly describe the Council united under the Grey Seers using Skaven nomenclature for those that may not be as close to the lore. You're trying to tell a complicated reveal in pictures, this does the job quickly and succinctly - the Grey Seers are coming for you!

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