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They expected you to know by reading their banners. Management and services are poor. I have struggled with my weight since I was thirteen years old. Never had anyone to tell me not to eat this or workout like this to stay fit and healthy. All through high school I was overweight. Never had a boyfriend, never got picked when choosing teams, and never went to prom.

After going off to college, my weight hit an all-time high. Losing my grandmother and my grades pumping down. I dropped out due to my mom needing help after my grandmother's funeral. I got a decent job and decide it was time to make a change. I joined our local gym after I saw the ad ten dollars a month. I had lost 30 pounds in 6 months. I had started dating my now fiance.

After a year I had lost 60 pounds and I found out I was pregnant. I called to cancel my membership but the lady on the phone said I had to come in and cancel my membership.

GOLD'S GYM - Everything You Need to know - HINDI.

When that weekend came up I went in, filled out the paperwork and my member was canceled. A year later after having my baby, I receive a letter in the mail saying that I owe two hundred dollars for a membership that should have been cancelled about two years ago. I was thinking this has got to be a mistake so I called the local Gold's gym. I explained my membership should have been cancelled over two years ago. She says,"there nothing in our system about you cancelling your membership and you owe one hundred dollars and forty-five cent and much more.

It says here you haven't been here in seven hundred days. That's why your account is so high". Obviously, I have been there in almost three years. I didn't know my account was still open". There's nothing I can do". This is just another story of the rich preying on the poor. I lost my debit card, so I had to cancelled it.

Wonder how they found the new information they couldn't tell me how and why they used it without my authorization!

Gold’s Gym Franchise Costs & Fees

Of course I ended up cancelling my membership. Not going there anymore. In January, I brought in a new debit card. However, my January payment didn't go through. Figured this meant our no commitment agreement which they are now calling a contract was void.

I stopped going, obviously. Only now I apparently owe for three months, due to their error in entering my new account information. Won't even work with me on making smaller payments.

The Oral History of Gold's Gym, Where Arnold Schwarzenegger Became A Star

It now has over company-owned and franchise locations in 38 states and 28 countries. It continuously updates its fitness equipment and programs to reflect the latest developments in the fitness industry and exercise science. You can work with a trainer one-on-one or in group training sessions.

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Kids can participate in supervised activities, crafts and games while parents and caregivers exercise. At night, she self-medicated with yogurt drenched in chocolate syrup with chocolate chips piled on top. At 5 feet, 5 inches, she found herself tipping the scales at plus pounds.

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Her mother urged Gray, a graphics designer who lives in Oakland, to take better care of herself. After her parents died, owner Gary Shields asked her when she wanted to start working on her health.

Shields devised a nutrition plan that helped Gray lose pounds. My year-old father also is a regular. Most of the weights and machines are from another era.

People come for Shields, who pushes his clients beyond what they think are their limits and has made weightlifting his ministry. This month Shields celebrates his 30th anniversary running the gym — an Oakland institution. He has trained everyone from professional athletes to television anchors to seniors with arthritis trying to get their weight under control. On the weightlifting floor, Shields treats everyone as equals.

Gold's Gym

His clients have ranged in age from 10 to For instance, in "What We Cannot Speak About We Must Pass Over in Silence," a full page and a half is devoted to describing a coyote "camouflaged by hovering darkness, by mottled fur, a shadow itself, instantly freezing, sniffing the air" as it roams outside a prison. The language is beautiful, but the detour is so long it stops the story dead. The most frustrating example of this calculated experimentation is "The Silence of Thelonious Monk," which starts with a pistol fight between Verlaine and Rimbaud, shifts into the opening lines of a love story and then heads off into an imagined biography of Monk himself.

All of which Wideman pulls off with undeniable virtuosity, but it's precisely this sort of narrative acrobatics that too often robs his stories of their power. The full range of Wideman's talents are on display here, however, and even those stories that don't quite live up to expectations are punctuated by moments of brilliance.