Manual Feasting at Wisdoms Table

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Read the invitation for yourself:.

What a fabulous opening into the intention of accompaniment! This kind of satisfying of appetite is of the body and, of course, of the heart. My hand runs along the grain of the monastic table feeling the resonances of hundreds of years of communal practice in accompaniment. The memory of the grain, the bread of insight, the wine of relationship, the engagement of voices, the Presence of Wisdom; all of it accompanies me as I follow the sound of Her voice inviting me to attend to the impoverished confusions of life and walk up the street to yet more freshness of meaning.

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Wearing your faith in public

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Christian Resources. Post to Cancel. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! This kind of wisdom cannot be manufactured or swiftly produced; it is a crock pot feast, not a microwave dinner. I return to the memory of my mother in her blue armchair. In my little girl heart, I knew something significant happened in those early mornings.

Wisdom's Table

If we want to be worthy to call out to fools at the city gate, we must first be willing to sit every morning in a blue arm chair searching the pages of Scripture with an attentive heart. The silence of a chosen quiet time may feel strange in contrast to the raucous discord of the world, whose voices are always contending for who can seem most clever and relevant.

But the richness of this silence will not disappoint. My mother quietly cultivated a heart of wisdom, rooted in Scripture, and purified through prayer. Like Lady Wisdom, she was preparing a feast, ready to welcome the foolish and those who wanted to be wise, calling them in to a well laid table and a satisfying feast of wisdom.

O Sapientia — Wisdom’s Feast

I want to join in the preparation of this nourishing feast. The cross, the central symbol of the Christian faith, holds such power for believers that they are often willing to go to great lengths to display it. In a remote field in Lithuania tens of thousands of crosses of every imaginable size and design have been planted on a God tells us not to.

You know better.

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Two ladies The book of Proverbs personifies Wisdom and Folly as two women. Proverbs In appearances, Wisdom and Folly share some similarities; they both stand at the city gates—the most prominent place in the city—to call out to the fool, promising a sumptuous feast. Calling out and calling in In many ways, our culture has adopted a combination of these images for its own conception of wisdom. The feast The difference between the two is that one has actually prepared a feast for the fool, and the other has not.

The blue chair and the city gate What, then, would it look like for us to become more like Lady Wisdom? Related Blogs. The Cross On Which Jesus—and Our Old Self—Died The cross, the central symbol of the Christian faith, holds such power for believers that they are often willing to go to great lengths to display it.

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