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Hosli's The Euro.

This book is an important contribution to all those who teach about the European Union. Loedel, West Chester University. Hosli first traces the history of monetary integration in Western Europe and discusses the political and economic factors that led ultimately to the establishment of EMU and the euro.

Then—in language accessible to the nonspecialist—she explains how it actually works. Ranging from institutions to performance to the impact of the euro both within Europe and on the international monetary system, she provides a welcome primer on this new phenomenon in the global political economy.

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Some features of this site may not work without it. Title: Adjustment and growth in the European Monetary Union.

Redesigning European Monetary Union Governance in Light of the Eurozone Crisis

Publisher: Cambridge University Press. ISBN: X ; Abstract: This volume analyzes the European Community's transition to economic and monetary union EMU in the light of the agreements reached at Maastricht last year.

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It derives from a conference held by the CEPR and the Bank of Portugal, and includes among its contributors a number of noted academic commentators on European integration. The issues addressed in the volume include: the relationship between a common currency and inflation convergence; the effects of monetary unification on Europe's increasingly integrated financial markets and fiscal systems; and EMU's implications for the EC's long-term growth.