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Anti-ship missiles are readied. The pace in this book is simply perfect; the author knows how to prevent things going sluggish while keeping things interesting. The research Campbell is done barring a few errors is also pretty good. And then there are the top notch descriptions on how cyber warfare can be plausibly applied in a conventional war, which were fascinating. Even the scenario the author has dreamed up is very sound.

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A patriot, dedicated to serving his country, unlike PRC politicians in other books, he genuinely appreciates his underlings and the PLA grunts going into battle on his behalf. Huan, while power hungry due to pretty understandable reasons, is competent at his job while Tsou acts as the brains for their war effort, a proper, professional military man who effectively coordinates the assets they have to be used in an efficient manner. In short, Campbell does not neglect the most important part of a genre dedicated to inanimate ordinance, the human factor.

Now, let me be clear. However, there were a few things which detracted from my reading experience. However, the problem was, the G26 described……had a manual safety catch. As someone who has had a chance to fire the compact Glock 19 variant and knows that Glock has never made a model with a manual safety, this error was glaring.

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However, since it was in the climax and I had enjoyed myself up to that point; it was easy to brush aside. Also, the Heckler and Koch MP7 was labeled an "assault rifle". It isn't. Something Larry Bond was never able to do despite his undeniably good writing abilities was to make a well-rounded female character.

It appears the author was positioning her as the female equivalent to Jack Ryan he even occupied her job during Debt of Honour , but in my opinion, he did not succeed in making me connect with Christine. She came off as rather obnoxious and impulsive. Only a handful of authors know how to integrate one into plots that are about guns and warfare. The plotting seemed like it was done by a seasoned pro, rather than an author on his second book.

Forget the Tom Clancy continuations; Mr Campbell has outclassed them with easy to follow but sufficiently epic large scale warfare in this book. And most of the characters are well rounded and on the Chinese side, sympathetic, rather than cardboard cut-outs who need to be blown off the face of the planet. View all 3 comments. Mar 25, Jean rated it really liked it Shelves: fiction , military-fiction , audio-book. I enjoyed the first book in the series so much I decided to read book two.

She advises against signing the Maer Accord about the mutual access to environmental resources between the U. She escapes and eventually end up on the U. Michigan, a trident submarine. Three American submarines are immediately destroyed as China launches war. When China gets the Pacific Fleet exactly where they want it, they also launch cyberwarfare.


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The book is well written and is non-stop action. The battle scenes are real nail biters. The book seems quite realistic. I could hardly put the book down. This is a great military action novel. I read this as an audiobook downloaded from Audible. The book is about thirteen and a half hours long. Fred Berman does a great job narrating the book. Berman is an actor and award winning audiobook narrator. View 2 comments. Absolutely, one hundred percent, for the cover.

Arlong: Empire Rising

Read the back; it was what I was expecting, I liked that it was from a relatively new author, because I like newbies, so I gave it a go. I was a little apprehensive about the size of the book, somewhere near six hundred pages, but I found the book to be very readable nonetheless. The font was decently-sized, not huge, but large enough that it felt like I was turning pages often. Part of that is the story itself, but I think a good, readable font makes a world of a difference too. Griffin book, and that had tiny font, six hundred plus pages, and just kicked the hell out of me for wanting to read any more of it.

Griffin was impossible for me to digest; this book I finished a week sooner than I planned to. A big, big issue I had with the plot, was it all just seemed to happen too easily. Too easy. I thought this was very Clancy-esque. The problem with this is that I think the plot too heavily leads the story, and the characters are, more or less, generic good guy 5, generic enemy 3. Checked the cast of characters to see who it was. Then they got killed a few sentences later. So the minor characters were, essentially, cannon fodder. In this book, the plot drives the story for sure, but the characters are quickly killed off and quickly forgotten.

Now, the main characters. Christine is in a way almost too perfect like how the plot unfolds , but in the end, she and Harrison both seem more like cardboard cutouts. The characters have some backstory, but aside from a few long glances and a smooch or two, their resolution is surprisingly bleak, making those passing glances and smooth or two pretty unimportant.

Man, this sounds like one of my most critical reviews ever. It feels like there was something else I was going to say… Characters. Hmm… Action. Clancy… …. Good enough. For all the above things, the book was readable; I enjoyed it, if you can believe that. I think what may be the problem, ultimately, was trying to create too much a huge against-all-the-odds plot, and it just felt forced. That book has a pretty scaled-back plot, - an Irish terrorist is after Jack Ryan and his family, for revenge for the death of his brother.

It works. Fighting the drug cartels.

Moebius: Empire Rising Review

Again, a lot of characters, a lot of stuff going on, but it remains pretty centered, with Jack Ryan up against an ex-Cuban spy I believe. Loose ends are finally tied up. Cussler sort of goes more for outlandish plots, jumps around a bit, overcomes impossible odds, succeeds. Clancy, I think, spins a better web. Clancy, on the other hand, has Z up here, K is introduced, move over to B, jump to A, switch to L, go down to T, and then, at the end, it all lines up.

I liked it. Solid three stars. In fact the last time I was in town, I was specifically keeping an eye out for them. It was much more readable to me than Griffin, after all. And while Clancy I think puts a story together better, he can also be tedious at times. Jan 20, Ed rated it liked it. I won an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review.