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Another aspect, of course, is the terminology of "space-time" that adds a melodramatic effect in the best case. Let us look at the synonyms and other concepts the scientific community uses to avoid classical expressions like gravitational aether and luminiferous aether.

Electromagnetism and the Structure of Matter - Conclusions

Supposedly, the origin of these properties is neither magical nor divine or written formulas down on paper. Wikipedia defines quasiparticles as "… an entity of a particular type that is possible to identify in certain physical systems of interacting particles. They refer to effects of inertia, but there is not currently any explanation for their origin. Undoubtedly, there must be something with mechanical properties, since it affects the movement of mass.

On the other hand, there are two abstract concepts whose nature is an essential element in Physics; we are referring to space and time. We should mention that abstract concepts cannot have mechanical properties.

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Talking about space-time with mechanical properties is a conceptual metaphor —applying properties of a thing to abstract concepts—, and, in fact, it refers to a gravitational or kinetic aether. The Global Dynamics book explains the characteristics of both concepts. Spatial geometry will be Euclidian geometry or Greek geometry.

Time configures as a monotonous, increasing, continuous and constant function, used to explain two different realities, and subsequently defines the movement of matter in its various states of aggregation. Returning to the question of what matter is, even though in the future someone could come to a deeper or more comprehensive and detailed analysis of physical reality, nowadays we could say that a fundamental or essential particle exists of which all the others particles are composed.

Global Physics names it Global Aether. What is more, it is just one particle in the whole universe, the reticular structure of matter, the only constituent of the material support of gravity, mass and other phases or states of aggregation. The structure of matter exists in multiple states of matter, but the analysis will cover a few generic categories, like the previously mentioned ones of gravity and mass.

Of course, the study will include the properties of these states of matter, such as speed, force or energy. Now let us try to create the world, as we know it, with only Global Aether.

The process will be to add characteristics and properties to the different states of matter in general. Of course, we could say that Global Aether is everywhere but that the prevailing paradigm of Modern Physics does not acknowledge or interpret it.

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That is to say; space is independent of water, of Global Aether, of time, of everything, because space is an abstract concept, so it does not have either physical existence nor water or aether or anything. Scientists hypothesize that dark matter cannot be seen in telescopes because it does not interact very strongly with light and other electromagnetic radiation.

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In fact, astronomical observations have basically ruled out the possibility that dark matter particles carry electrical charges. The only problem is that even these more complicated models are ruled out for Majorana particles.

Electromagnetic radiation and the structure of matter

That is one of the reasons that Ho and Scherrer took a closer look at dark matter with an anapole magnetic moment. Since then it has been observed in the magnetic structure of the nuclei of cesium and ytterbium atoms. Particles with familiar electrical and magnetic dipoles, interact with electromagnetic fields even when they are stationary.

They must be moving before they interact and the faster they move the stronger the interaction.

Can regular electromagnetism explain dark matter?

As a result, anapole particles would have been have been much more interactive during the early days of the universe and would have become less and less interactive as the universe expanded and cooled. The anapole dark matter particles suggested by Ho and Scherrer would annihilate in the early universe just like other proposed dark matter particles, and the left-over particles from the process would form the dark matter we see today. But because dark matter is moving so much more slowly at the present day, and because the anapole interaction depends on how fast it moves, these particles would have escaped detection so far, but only just barely.

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Exoplanets show the role of uncertainty in science

Share this Article. You are free to share this article under the Attribution 4. Exoplanets show the role of uncertainty in science. Facebook-style algorithms hunt for dark matter in space maps. Theory: Odd metallic asteroid spewed molten iron.

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