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Out of his bountiful kindness and love, Guru Rinpoche taught her, delivering one of the most wonderful and concise oral teaching, now known as:. We can imagine Lady Tosgyal, about to be separated from her beloved teacher — having been with her master since the age of eight — having doubts, and then, the serene Guru emphasizing the essence of practice.

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The Lotus Born, kindly instructing even the most accomplished Lady in the basics, is an example for us all. In Tibetan Buddhism, teachers always invite questions. Padmasambhava, the Lotus Born Guru Rinpoche.

Although there are many profound key points of body, rest free and relaxed as you feel comfortable. Everything is included in simply that. If one wonders, Is it nothing? But if one wonders, Is it something? Whatever doubt or hesitation occurs, supplicate your master. Give up your clinging to whatever you are most attached to as well as to whomever you have the strongest bond with in this life, and practice.

At the time of dying, you should practice as follows. By earth dissolving in water, the body becomes heavy and cannot support itself. By water dissolving in fire, the mouth and nose dry up.

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By fire dissolving in wind, body heat disappears. By wind dissolving in consciousness, one cannot but exhale with a rattle and inhale with a gasp. At that time, the feelings of being pressed down by a huge mountain, being trapped within darkness, or being dropped into the expanse of space occur.

All these experiences are accompanied by thunderous and ringing sounds. The whole sky will be vividly bright like an unfurled brocade. Moreover, the natural forms of your mind, the peaceful, wrathful, semiwrathful deities, and the ones with various heads fill the sky, within a dome of rainbow lights. In addition, there will be light like a hundred thousand suns shining at once.

Guru Rinpoche, the precious Lotus Born. At this point, know this: The feeling of being pressed down is not that of being pressed by a mountain. It is your own elements dissolving.

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The feeling of being trapped within darkness is not a darkness. It is your five sense faculties dissolving.

The feeling of being dropped into the expanse of space is not being dropped. It is your mind without support because your body and mind have separated and your breathing has stopped. All experiences of rainbow lights are the natural manifestations of your mind. All the peaceful and wrathful forms are the natural forms of your mind. All sounds are your own sounds.

All lights are your own lights. Have no doubt about that.

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If you do feel doubt, you will be thrown into samsara. Having resolved this to be self-display, if you rest wide awake in luminous emptiness, then simply in that you will attain the three kayas and become enlightened. The innate deity is your present taking hold of your mind with undistracted mindfulness. From this moment, it is very important to be without any hope and fear, clinging and fixation, toward the objects of your six sense faculties as well as toward fascination, happiness, and sorrow. From now on, if you attain stability, you will be able to assume your natural state in the bardo and become enlightened.

Therefore, the most vital point is to sustain your practice undistractedly from this very moment. At this point, the womb entrances appear as celestial palaces. Be certain of that! Be free from hope and fear! I swear there is no doubt that you will then become enlightened without taking further rebirths. At that time, it is not that one is helped by a buddha. Your own awareness is primordially enlightened.

The main emphasis of Padmasambhava's teaching is that spiritual knowledge must be personalized and not remain as mere theory. The book includes an introductory discourse by Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche and a short biography of Padmasambhava by Jamgon Kongtrul the First.


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