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The town started growing. Aurangzeb when he became Viceroy of the Deccan plateau made it his capital and named it Aurangabad. This was the golden time in the history of Aurangabad when the city flourished the most in terms of culture, architecture, art etc.

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It is considered to be a masterpiece of Mughal architecture in the Deccan plateau. The entire city of Aurangabad was fortified and huge entrance gates were erected. Except for Bharkal gate all the other gates are associated with the period of Aurangzeb. In all there were 54 gates in Aurangabad. Out of 52 gates only 13 have survived over the period of time.


The climate of Aurangabad is temperate, with low relative humidity and diverse but not extreme weather conditions. Aurangabad, like any other part of India, experiences three major seasons: summer, winter and monsoon. Nights are usually pleasant and cooler during the entire summer. Winter, from November to February, is the most comfortable time to visit Aurangabad. As in summer, temperatures cool off at night.

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Aurangabad is well connected by Air, Rail and Road to other parts of country. Aurangabad enjoys central location with respect to Maharashtra and Goa. Aurangabad has a good network of National and State highways connecting all parts of the country. Manmad: is the nearest railway junction on the Central Railway wherein trains to all parts of India are available. If you have a connecting train, have at least two hours between arrival and departure.

In case you miss the connecting train, due to late running of a previous train, you can avail of a full refund at any of the two stations i. Apart from these cities Aurangabad has direct bus links from cities like Hyderabad , Solapur , Kolhapur , Goa , Ahmedabad , Indore and many more. The highway connections make the journey to the world famous destinations of Ajanta Km and Ellora 29 Km very comfortable. There are also many car rental companies in Aurangabad. The city of Aurangabad has all forms of transport right from intra-city buses, metered auto-rickshaws to chauffeur-driven taxis.

Intra-city Bus service is Municipal Corporation owned but privately operated. AMT Aurangabad Municipal Transport buses ply throughout the city and outskirts reaching thousands of citizens to their offices, schools, colleges efficiently and in a cost effective manner. AMT Aurangabad Municipal Transport intra-city buses ply throughout the city including the outskirts and connect different parts of the city and adjoining suburbs together.

The AMT bus service is affordable and thus masses use it for their daily transport. These conducted bus tours are ideal only if you are short of time and are alright having a glance at all these places. The major disadvantage of these tours is a very tight time-schedule. The sightseeing has to be wound up very fast without you being able to take your own time. Although Aurangabad has Metered Auto rickshaws Three wheeler taxis which run based on the fare as shown in Meter details given below , it is seen that like any other tourist place Auto rickshaw drivers ask for exorbitant rates from the tourists especially at Railway station, Central bus stand or stops of Private buses.

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Make sure to ask before boarding the three wheeler cab that he will be charging you based on the meter reading, he activates the meter when you board, he has a certified tarif card. But you can pay him around 12 times the reading. Mid night fare is applicable from Around half hour consideration can be given to auto rickshaw drivers As a tourist one is recommended to either take Metered Auto-rickshaws 3-wheeler taxis or Chauffeur driven Taxis.

These taxis are not very expensive and are ideal for one day tours to Ajanta, Ellora, Daulatabad, etc. Rates of more premium taxis are also computed in same manner with a higher cost per KM. Metered Auto-Rickshaws are undoubtedly the most suitable and convenient way of traveling through the city. This is due to their easy availability at any time and the affordability. These are hired three-wheeler taxis which are ideal to move around the city.

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The Meter reading is read along-with a 'tariff-card' available with the driver. The actual fare is usually around 10 times the meter reading.

Always ensure that the driver starts the meter on beginning of the journey. These are ideal for the tourists visiting the city and the tourist destinations around. All hotels also have a taxi-counter. The fare is calculated per kilometre with a minimum of 80 KM. See to it that the taxi you hire has a tourist permit and is not a private vehicle. The tourist permit cars can be easily identified by a yellow number plate. This is the most common way of transport for the local people.

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But for the tourists, self driven cars and two wheelers are not easily available on hire basis in India. Driving on the streets is fairly comfortable as there is not much traffic on the roads and the roads are wide except that in old part of the city. Some roads are not very well-maintained and are prone to pot-holes. Most people in Aurangabad speak Marathi , the regional language of Maharashtra. Hindi, Urdu and English are also spoken widely. Along with these, there are a number of small time retail shops and grocery shops all around the city.

Aurangabad has a fairly good restaurants and eating joints spread across the town. Apart from the star category hotels there are many restaurants in the city. They serve good food and liquor.

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Being a bit far from town they make ideal getaway for families. Often, for formal occasions, the food is garnished with warq a fine, silver leaf created by prolonged hammering and flattening of a small piece of silver. Today, Hyderabadi cuisine rules throughout the Deccan, which includes the Telangana, Marathwada and Karnataka-Hyderabad region and further north in India, and is not confined to Muslim tastebuds alone. Known for its aroma and subtle use of spices, the cuisine also contains city-specific specialities like Hyderabad Hyderabadi biryani , Aurangabad Naan Qalia , Parbhani Tahari , and Bidar Kalyani Biryani.

Other dishes that have stood the test of time and become world-famous are Hyderabadi Haleem, Paaya, Qubani ka meetha, Baghara Baingan and Pathar ka Gosht. Pista house is one place famed for its biryani and haleem. Paradise Hotel has won many awards for its Biryani. Bawarchi is a cheaper option but also popular for biryani and kebabs. Its famous in the Old City area of Hyderabad.

Osmania Tea biscuits are very famous too. Hyderabad is as much about haleem as it is about biryani and baghara baingan.

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Haleem is made in many places, but the one in Hyderabad is unique in taste and flavour. As for the baghara baingan, this brinjal dish is probably the only one of its kind — heavily spiced and rich. Only the Nizams could ensure that the humble baingan would turn into a delight forever! Hyderabadi Cuisine has different food for different events, be it banquet food, or for weddings and events, festival food and travel food.