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Whether one believes that a marriage is an exclusive right to heterosexual couples, between a man and a woman, or that it is a […]. Click here for Croatian language version of the letter It goes without saying that, having seceded from the deeply entrenched totalitarian communist regime in , and having as a consequence suffered profound human life, property and economic damage from Serb aggression, Croatia has been in a place of transitional democracy where under the banner of […].

And […]. Croats of Vukovar continue protests against the introduction of bilingual signs on public buildings. The protests are peaceful and messages that the people have made significant advancements in democratic pursuits than the government led by Zoran Milanovic , or the president of the Republic Ivo Josipovic for that matter, become clearer day in and day out. Booing and jeering grew louder on Monday 5 August in Knin as Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic climbed onto the podium to deliver his address to the crowds celebrating Croatian Victory and Thanksgiving Day!

Franjo Tudjman Inaugural assembly of the Croatian Parliament speech Zagreb, May 30th, Honorable representatives, esteemed guests and all who are present at this historical assembly of the Croatian Parliament!

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First of all, on behalf of the Presidency of Croatia and in my own name I wish to thank you for the confidence you […]. RSS - Posts.

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Welcome to my blog. Here I will bring to you a variety of topics covering the documented truth about that terrible war that Croatia had to endure during the period between and and about Croatian political history that shaped a wonderful nation of people. Croatian people wanted independence for centuries, just as they had it until the twelfth century but fate was not on their side — others wanted their beautiful land.

In June Croatia declared its independence; soon after the aggressive war against Croatia broke out. The struggle of the Croatian people for self-determination was a just one.

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But I fear genuine justice has not been served as there have been, and there still exist, international covert and overt moves to equate victims with aggressors continue in attempts to change history. Truth often becomes obscured and lost and that is why I have chosen to write this blog, to concentrate on actual events and issues about Croatia — wishing it a bright and freedom-loving future.

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The second front was the war of political propaganda centred on: misinformation about the rights of minorities in Croatia; portrayal of the Croatian people as Ustasha or Fascists; the representation of the Croatian defence forces as illegal paramilitary units; the representation of the Croatian and Slovenian republics as unreasonable secessionists who are unwilling to negotiate; a regurgitation of distorted facts about World War II.

Indeed Croatia had an absolute right to defend itself and this is often forgotten if not often denied it. Ina has been a tireless volunteer on humanitarian aid and fundraising for victims of war in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially war orphans. Ina has also written hundreds articles for newspapers in Australia and Croatia on the plight of Croatian people for freedom and self-determination, developing democracy in former communist countries.

She holds two graduate and one post-graduate university degrees, specialising in behaviour, clinical and political psychology and management. We have carved out that right at our first democratic elections.

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Croatia, the War, and the Future Ina Vukic - Croatia: people, politics, history, economy, transition from communism to democracy. January 14, by inavukic 59 Comments. Croatia and Blessed Alojzije Stepinac video in English. History of undp.

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Cornelis Klein. Croatia UN History and Demographics The About Croatia page featured a history on the Republic of Croatia and how it is in a difficult geographical zone that faces many international challenges.

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