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Therefore, the software selects the egress interface on a round-robin basis and programs the hardware in this case. On a Catalyst with a SUP or a Cisco router that serves as a P router, the mpls load-balance per-label command allows use of the incoming label for load sharing. With this command, load sharing occurs based on the topmost incoming label in the stack that the packet arrives with.

  1. ISBN 13: 9781587050022.
  2. Studies in Theatre & Performance (28:2 – 2008).
  3. Packet Pushers Show 7 – Hiding in Plain Sight – Enterprise MPLS.
  4. Chapter 7: Understanding CEF in an MPLS VPN Environment.

So, for example, if the outgoing path is an equal-cost path, load sharing will occur using the top IGP label with this feature enabled. This chapter reviews some of common CEF issues seen across various Cisco platforms. It also illustrates that sometimes the basic issue is that the routes are not in the routing table in the beginning.

Central-services Extranet. VPDN Topology. Overlapping Virtual Private Networks. Route Targets. Configuration of VRFs. Automatic Route Filtering on PE-routers. ORF for PE-routers. Autonomous System Number Override.


ISBN 13: 9781587050022

Intranet and Extranet Integration. Central Services Topology. Deployment of the AllowAS-in Feature. View Larger Image. Part of the Networking Technology series. Premium Website Sorry, this book is no longer in print. Not for Sale. Scalability and Flexibility of IP-based Forwarding.

MPLS and VPN Architectures

Penultimate Hop Popping. VC Merge. Controlling the Distribution of Label Mappings.

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Virtual Private Network Evolution. Modern Virtual Private Networks.

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  • Overlay VPN Model. Peer-to-peer VPN Model. VPN Packet Forwarding. Configuration of the Route Distinguisher. Association of Interfaces to VRFs.

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    Configuration of Multiprotocol BGP. Convergence Within the Service Provider Backbone. Advertisement of Routes Across the Backbone. Introduction of Route Reflector Hierarchy. BGP Confederations Deployment. Carrier's Carrier Solution Overview.

    Carrier's Carrier Architecture—Topologies. Hierarchical Virtual Private Networks.

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