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While the big bang was making its way into public consciousness, there were other physicists that still didn't go for it.

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Fred Hoyle, Thomas Gold, and H. Bondi, three other prominent scientists, put forth a theory that has come to be known as the steady state theory.

Collision Theory

This theory was based on the cosmological principle , which contained aspects first put forth by Einstein. Basically the idea was that the universe is homogeneous smooth and looks the same from any place in the universe isotropic.

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If the big bang occurred, it would look different to observers at different times. The steady state theory proposed a perfect cosmological principle. In other words, the universe looked the same to all observers in all times and at all places. The cosmological principle is an idea in which the universe, on a very large scale, looks the same to all observers at all times and in any place.

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Matter is spread evenly throughout, which reflects a smooth, nonclumpy universe. It is a philosophical idea originally proposed by Albert Einstein. Gold and Bondi suggested a unique solution for their smooth, uniformly dense universe, the spontaneous and continuous creation of matter.

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In each area of space, about meters square, once a year a new atom comes into existence. Throughout the vast regions of space this small amount of matter would accumulate over time and maintain a constant density in an expanding universe. As old stars and galaxies die, new ones are born and formed by the constant regeneration of matter that is introduced through this spontaneous process. This theory accounted for the creation of all of the elements in the same way that Gamow's big bang did, so it served as a good argument against the popularity of the big bang.

To do this, the paper argues, both private and public schools raise their sticker price the amount schools advertise as tuition , but only public schools raise their paid price the advertised tuition minus grants and scholarship for all students. Private schools, on the other hand, are likely to give increased subsidies to higher quality or low income students while increasing the paid price for other students, overall keeping the same average paid price.

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The Huffington Post and Forbes argue for another way increased competition could raise tuition; colleges differentiate themselves by prestige, and prestige is expensive. Their prestige costs money, and this cost is passed on to the students.

Though federally subsidized student aid may make tuition increases possible, it is likely that other sources ultimately cause the increases. Both decreased state funding and increased competition are likely culprits of tuition hikes, but they are not the only alternative theories.

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Bev Perdue allowed the bill, known as House Bill , to become law by not taking action against it. The prediction raised fears that home insurance rates would increase and coastal development would slow. Proponents of the law said the prediction is based on incomplete information, but critics accused the state of denying climate science.

According to the U.

Geological Survey, sea levels in North Carolina and other "hotspots" along the East Coast between North Carolina and Massachusetts are rising at three to four times the rate worldwide. Meanwhile, other states had been passing laws of their own to curb the influence of climate change in education. In , Tennessee passed a law to allow teachers to present alternative theories to climate change and evolution , making it the second state, after Louisiana, to pass such a law.