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However, this blame is misdirected as most GMs are not developers and cannot resolve those types of problems. The now defunct America Online Online Gaming Forum used to use volunteers selected by applications from its user base. These people were simply referred to as OGFs by other members, and their screennames were indicative of their position i.

World of Warcraft has employees of Blizzard Entertainment that serve as gamemasters to help users with various problems in gameplay, chat, and other things like account and billing issues. A gamemaster in this game will communicate with players through chat that has blue text and they will also have a special "GM" tag and Blizzard logo in front of their names. RuneScape has more than moderators employed by Jagex to assist players and perform administrative duties in-game and on the site forums. These Jagex Moderators , as they are called, usually have the word "Mod" and a gold crown preceding their account names which ordinary players are not permitted to use.

The game also has Player Moderators and Forum Moderators who are player volunteers helping with moderation, having the ability to mute block from chatting other players who violate rules. Miniconomy , a smaller text-based MMO has a team of Federals , experienced players that help moderate the game and interactions. Transformice , an MMORPG, has a team of volunteer moderators called Mods who are experienced players that help moderate the game and interactions. Note that a few games, notably Neverwinter Nights and Vampire: The Masquerade — Redemption , are video game adaptations of tabletop role-playing games that are played online with one player acting as a traditional gamemaster.

Gamemastering, sometimes referred to as Orchestration [13] is used in pervasive games to guide players along a trajectory [14] desired by the game author. Sometimes, tabletop GMs simply can not find players interested in either the same setting, product line, or play style in their local neighborhood. The advent of the networked personal computer provided a solution in the form of online chat programs.

Appropriately equipped gamemasters can find players online and a group can meet via chat rooms, forums, or other electronic means. In contrast to standard tabletop procedure and to games designed to be played online , this online chat format significantly changed the balance of duties for a prospective gamemaster. Descriptive text required more preparation, if only via cut-and-paste; acting and voice skills could not be utilized to get the personality of NPCs and monsters across, increasing the value of background music 'assigned' in advance or individually chosen as a playing aid.

The GM was likely to need copies of player-character records, being unable to glance at the originals as in normal face-to-face procedure. The format also forced the issue particularly when participants were not personally acquainted of whether to leave all rolling of dice to the GM making one's own rolls is a privilege not readily surrendered by some players , or to trust all players to honestly report the results of their rolls the honor system may be strained when it is in a player's best interest to roll well.

However, workarounds to these challenges have only increased over time. The use of Wiki software helps GMs and players alike keep track of all manner of game data, sometimes evolving into a home-made gaming supplement. Scripting software allows unwieldy mechanics e. Teleconferencing enhances group communication through voice, video, and a shared whiteboard. Gamemaster A gamemaster GM ; also known as game master , game manager , game moderator or referee is a person who acts as an organizer, officiant for regarding rules, arbitrator, and moderator for a multiplayer role-playing game.

For other uses, see Gamemaster disambiguation. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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